Your school should be a center of safety and comfort for your students and your staff. Protect your campus with cutting-edge, 24/7 professionally monitored commercial security.


When it comes to security, one size doesn't fit all. What is right for one school or university isn't necessarily right for another. Our experts will get to know your school, understand your challenges and concerns, and implement a security solution specially designed to keep your students and staff safe.

Security Intrusion


At Seca Secure, we provide top-of-the-line security intrusion equipment, ensuring that your property is safe from outsiders which means you can have the peace of mind knowing your property is safe.

Scalable Video Surveillance & Monitoring

Our surveillance infrastructure is designed to meet your needs as your school grows. Whether you are moving to a larger location, or building more classrooms on campus your students will be safe and monitored all from one smart and easy to use application.

Access Control


Our app-controlled keyless entry system helps strengthen your campus security. Our system gives you complete control over access and user management. You'll feel confident and safe knowing exactly who accessed any monitored door and when it occurred.

Superior Customer


We pride ourselves on making the installation, maintenance, and management as quick and painless as possible. Our team does all the work so you can be up and running fast. You will have access to support right when you need it.

Integration & Custom Automations

Unlock state-of-the-art possibilities with our smart integration technology. Our systems integrate seamlessly so you can control and manage your entire campus portfolio with ease.



The most important part of security is the quality and capability of your monitoring. We provide world-class monitoring that will respond to any emergency signal 24/7/365, which means you can rest assured knowing your students, staff and property are safe.

Protecting Lives One Child At A Time

Seca Secure is a preferred vendor for the I Love U Guys Foundation to ensure the safety of schools, children, and staff. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch security solutions that prioritize the well-being of the community. We are committed to staying at the forefront of the latest technologies and strategies to prevent and mitigate security threats.


At Seca Secure, we have a range of security solutions tailored for your school. Whether you are a small elementary school or a large, multi-building university campuswe are here to meet your security needs. Your school should be a sanctuary for your community and a safe place for your students and your staff. That's why it is so important to protect it with an intelligent security system that you can count on. Our systems are designed to perfectly fit your school, operation, and budget.

As your school continues to grow and as your needs change, we will grow right along side you. Our team will guide you through every step of the process to help you determine what solution is best suited to you.


Stay Connected And Protected With Our Extensive List Of School Security Features

24/7 Monitoring

Enterprise Solutions

Tamper Resistant

Cellular Communication

Remote Access & Control

Real-time Email & Texts

Energy Management

Professional Installation

Customizable & Expandable

CO2, Fire & Flood Alerts

Video Surveillance Monitoring

Weather Alerts


And More...

We were fortunate enough to come across SECA Secure and partnered to create a comprehensive and state-of-art security system. Their expertise allowed us to focus on our community, while doing our due diligence in providing the highest quality of security. Their guidance helped us navigate the complicated path of security implementation. My advice is to be preventative and engage SECA Secure now before you face an emergency incident.

Farima Nemat

Owner, Primrose School

The team was amazing. They installed everything very quickly. This was a very painless process. Their system is amazing and I love how it integrates with all the smart home technology. This system makes my life much easier and safer. Would highly recommend

JD McCrumb

City Manager, Town of Columbine Valley

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